Hello, I'm a UX and product designer dedicated to creating intuitive and engaging digital experiences
With an extensive career spanning over 5 years, I have honed my skills across diverse digital platforms, including mobile, web, and kiosk environments. My proficiency encompasses various disciplines, such as user interface design (UI), user experience (UX), branding, and the creation of prototypes, wireframes, mock-ups, workflows, and graphic design.
In pursuit of a new professional challenge, I have recently directed my focus towards user experience design, recognizing its potential to fuse my creative instincts with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on users. Drawing from my experience as a visual designer in a startup company and my recent completion of Brunel University's MSc in Digital Service Design program, I bring a comprehensive understanding of design principles and practical expertise.
I am particularly excited about applying these concepts to craft intuitive user flows and distinctive brands that not only simplify digital interactions but also enhance people's lives. My aspiration is to contribute my skills and knowledge to a collaborative and creative team that places a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of its customers across all facets of its work.